free tutorial using simple shapes in youidraw

Free tutorial using simple shapes in YouiDraw

using simple shapes in YouiDrawCreate a person using only simple shapes in YouiDraw!  Follow the directions below to create your own character.  Feel free to change the colors and sizes/dimensions.  Don’t forget to save often!

(This idea came from the creative people over at Tuts+. If you are working in Illustrator head over there.  But for a tutorial using YouiDraw, you’ve found the right place.)

Step 1

Using the Ellipse Tool draw an oval head.  You can select the color in the Fill Color pallet.  Then click the Stroke Color pallet and make the stroke transparent.

youidraw simple shapes

Step 2

Next draw another ellipse for an eye. Might be a good idea to zoom in.  (If you can’t see it, it is probably just because it is the same color as the face.)


Step 3

Add two more white ellipses to make the eye more realistic by reflecting light.

character in youidraw

After that is done, your Layer Tree will look like this:

you i draw

Go ahead and rename the eye to “Eye” and while you are at it, rename the face to “Face”.


Step 4

Now just make a copy of the eye and paste it:  select the eye, type Ctrl-C, then type Ctrl-V.  Move the new eye into position.  Now the eye is in your layer tree at Group 2.  Rename Group 2 to “Eye 2”.

youidraw simple shapes tutorial

To be safe, click the pencil icon and click Save As.  Name your file.  Now go to (you can just click here) and make sure that it is there.

Step 5

Draw two more small ellipses for a nose. They should be slightly darker than the face.  Don’t forget you can draw one and then Copy and Paste it.  Group the two dots and name the layer group, “Nose”.

youidraw tutorial

Step 6

Draw two more ellipses for ears.  I used the same color as the nose.  Rename those layers “Ear 1” and “Ear 2”.


Now select each ear separately. Two-finger click on it and select Arrange > Send to Back. youidraw

Step 7

Now we will make the mouth.  Off to the side of the face draw two ellipses as shown here.

youidraw vector art

Now select both ellipses.  You can do this by shift-clicking both in the Layers Panel or you can use the Move Tool and draw a box around both (like I did here with the dotted rectangle).  Every shape that falls in the dotted rectangle will be selected.

create a simple mouth in youidraw

With both selected.  Click the Divide button at the top of your window.  It is divided at the points where the ellipses intersect.  Now there are three pieces.  You have to click away then on each individual piece to move them.

divide tool in youidraw

Now delete the two pieces that you do not need leaving only the smile.  Name it “Mouth” in the Layer Tree.

subtraction tool in youidraw

Now put on the face.  The fill color should be white and the stroke should be transparent.

free vector art tutorial

Step 8

Now for the neck.  Draw a rectangle as shown and send it to the back like you did with the ears.  I used the ear color.  Name the new layer Neck.

getting started in youidraw

Step 9

Now you are ready to group the entire face.  Shift-Click all of the layers OR two finger click on one of the shapes and click Select All.

getting started with you i draw

Now, with everything selected, two finger click again and select Group.

beginners guide to youidraw

Rename your new group: “Head”.

nameing in the layer tree

Click on the Pencil and click SAVE (or Ctrl-S)!

Step 10

Add hair to your person by copy and pasting circles onto the top of the head.  If you would like to get creative with the hair, go for it.

free vector art tutorials

Now select all of the circles that make up the hair and group them.  Name the new group “Hair”.

free vector art tutorials

Step 11

Let’s create the body. Use the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a maroon rectangle.

you i draw

Now add a circle that is the same color as the neck just above the shirt.  Be sure that it is overlapping.  Select both and click the divide button at the top of your window.

youidraw free tutorial

Now select the top portion and delete it.


Now make the bottom of the circle the same color as the neck.  Select both pieces, group them, and name the new group “Body”.  Now move the body just below the neck.

simple shapes youidraw

free tutorial

Step 12

The legs are made with rectangles and a gray lines.  Create the legs for your character as shown below.  Don’t forget you can create one leg, group all the pieces, then copy and paste to create the other leg.  Add a rectangle to connect the legs.  Group all the pieces and name the Group “Legs”.

using youidraw

If the legs are not the right size for the body, just use the move tool and adjust the size of the the whole leg group.  Now two finger click on the legs and select Arrange > Send to Back.

vector art how to

Click on the Pencil and click SAVE (or Ctrl-S) and continue on using simple shapes in YouiDraw.

Step 13

To create a foot you will draw an oval.  Then draw a circle overlapping it like you see here.  Click the divide button at the top of your window.  Delete the top of the circle and change the bottom of the circle to skin color.

youidraw divide tool

Add shoe laces.


Use the divide tool to delete the unneeded parts of the dark gray oval.  Do that two more times to complete the shoe laces.

simple vector shoe

youi draw

Group all the pieces and name the new group “Foot”.

youidraw art

Step 14

Copy and paste the foot to create the other one.  Name the Group “Foot 2”. You will want to make it point the opposite direction so select it and grab the left edge and pull it to the right to flip the whole shoe over.

using youidraw


Place the feet on the body.

vector drawing

Step 15

Now add a sign.  Draw a rectangle and tilt it slightly.  First make the stroke color transparent, then click on the fill color and choose Linear Gradient.  Double click on the two color drops to select two different shades of light gray.  Name the layer “Sign”.

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Step 16

Next we will add arms and hands.  Draw an ellipse the same color as the neck and a rectangle just above it.  Select both shapes and click “Subtract” at the top of your window.  Name the new shape “Arms”.

using the subtraction tool


Two finger click on the arms and click Arrange > Send to Back.  Move the arms behind the body.  Adjust the size as needed.

simple shapes in YouiDraw

Now to create hands you will make four ellipses.  Group them, name them “Fingers” in the Layer Tree, tilt and adjust the size as needed.  Copy and paste to create the other hand. Name the other hand “Fingers 2”.

youidraw tutorial

Place them on each end of your sign.

free tutorial

Now just add a message to your sign and you are done!  Nice!  SAVE IT!
(Hint: If you move the whole character to the top of your art space leaving some white space at the bottom, the YouiDraw watermark won’t cover his legs.  Hope you enjoyed this free tutorial using simple shapes in YouiDraw.

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