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Vector Art and the Bézier Curve

Creating drawings in vector art software like YouiDraw and Adobe Illustrator involves some complicated math.  Lucky for graphic designers, this software does all of the math for you!  Whew! But it’s helpful to know how the Bézier curve in illustrations works.

Check out the below Bézier curve diagram (as well as the bunny graphic).  Most digital illustrations are made up of a series of curved lines like these.  Curves are created between vector points and are adjustable by manipulating the position of the adjustment handles that connect to the vector points.  You can move the handles (and thus the curved line) by grabbing the handle control points and dragging them where needed.

bezier curve diagram

bezier curve diagram example

Here is a very helpful and short video that explains how the curve is created.

Cubic Bezier Curves – Under the Hood from Peter Nowell on Vimeo.

Now try creating your own Bezier curve right now using free software by following my tutorial called Pen Tool Basics.

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