ways to use the pen tool youidraw

Two ways to use the Pen Tool in YouiDraw

There are ways to use the Pen Tool in YouiDraw that I like to teach my students. Both work pretty well but both have their drawbacks. Either one can help you to master the Pen Tool in YouiDraw.

The main thing to think about is where your vector points will go.  Since, in YouiDraw, you are not able to change direction as you draw, you will need to stay focused on where the points are, not necessarily how your curves look.  You can always clean up the curves or add adjustment handles after your drawing is complete using the Edit Tool.

Here are the two methods that seem to work pretty well:

  1. Add points and handles as you go…you will likely create a not-so-accurate drawing that will need to be adjusted but if your points are where they need to be, it’s easy to fix.
    ways to use the pent tool
    For more on this method visit this tutorial where I show you how to draw this entire bunny.
  2. The other method is to just click around (without creating handles) to place your points where they need to be.  This will create straight lines.  You will then double click the vector points to add the handles and make adjustments with the Edit Tool.
    ways to use the pen tool in youidraw

Notice in both of the examples above that the vector points are in the same places on each bunny.  Either way works.

More detail on using the second of my two ways to use the Pen Tool:

If you are going to draw this heart for example…

heart template for youidraw

You will click to add each vector point…

drawing in youidraw

then complete the path by clicking on the first vector point you created…

you i draw pen tool

Now double click on the first point.  Handles are automatically added but they are not in the right position….

youidraw pen

Hold down the Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) key on your keyboard and grab one handle control point and move it into place.  Release the control point then the Command/Ctrl key.

you idraw practice

Do the same thing with the other handle for that point.  Hold down Command/Ctrl and grab the handle control point and move it into place.

handle control points

My template doesn’t show me where to position the other handle control points so I’ll have to eye ball it.  Double click on another vector point.

draw a vector heart

Then hold down the Command/Ctrl key and move each handle into place.

Two ways to use the Pen Tool in YouiDraw

Repeat the process for the vector point on the other side of the heart.  The bottom point may not need any adjusting at all.

ways to use the Pen Tool

Nice work!  Now hide your template if you used one and add some color.  I chose a gradient from the library.

use the Pen Tool in YouiDraw


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