youidraw tutorial - lego character

YouiDraw Tutorial – Create a Lego character by adjusting simple shapes

In this YouiDraw tutorial you will create your own Lego character.  The idea here is to learn how to adjust simple shapes to fit your needs.  Rather than using the Pen Tool all of the time, sometimes it might be easier and also look more precise, if you draw a simple shape and adjust it as needed. After you create this basic character, personalize it as a specific character of your choice.

To get started go to > Drawing > and Start from Blank.

  1. The first thing to do in this YouiDraw tutorial, is to draw the head. Create a small rounded rectangle using the Rounded shape tool.  Place it near the top of your art board. Change the stroke size to 3 and the radius size to 20.

character in youidraw

Now create a bigger one just below the first one.  Change the stroke size to 3 and the radius size to 20.

lego head

2. For the body add a third even bigger rounded rectangle just below that.  This will create the body. Change the stroke size to 3 and the radius size to 20.  Save your file.

lego head and body

3.  At this point you may want to make a grid visible.  Click the grid button at the top and check the box that says “show grid”.

show grid

4. Now we will use the Edit Tool to adjust the body.  First, uncheck the fill box for the body.  Remember you will have to select it with the Move Tool first. move tool

create a lego character in youidraw

Now, with the body still selected switch to the Edit Tool. edit tool Two finger click on the bottom left vector point that is on the left side. Delete this point.

youidraw tutorial

On the remaining bottom left vector point, two-finger click on that vector point and cancel the Bezier.  This removes the curve.

youidraw tutorial lego

Click and drag on this point to move it just below the point above it.  Notice the red highlights.  This lets you know that the point is directly below and to the left of the vector points around it with 90 degree angles.

youidraw lego tutorial

Now do the exact same thing to the other side.

youidraw lesson

Next you will make the shoulder area more narrow.  Using the Edit Tool move each of the points at the top of the shoulders in a little.  Use your grid to make sure they are evenly spaced under the head.

free youidraw tutorials

edit tool in youidraw

Move both outer vector points in.

tutorial for youidraw

Add the white fill back to the body by clicking the “Fill” box in the properties panel when the body shape is selected.

add white fill

5.  Now add a neck with either the Rounded shape tool or the Rectangle shape tool.  Change the stroke size to 3 and move it to the back by clicking the “Backward” button until it moves behind the head and the body.  Save your file.


move backward youidraw tutorial

6. Now it’s time to move on to the arms.  The grid can really help you here.  If, so far, your Lego guy is roughly the same size as mine you should be able to count grid squares to make your arm the right size.

Start by creating a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool and an oval with the Ellipse Tool like so.  It’s a good idea to zoom in at this point.

youidraw leg character tutorial

Using the Move Tool, tilt the oval using the little blue adjustment circle at the top of the selection box.  Line up the left edges of the rectangle and oval.  Remember Youidraw will show a red align line when they are lined up properly.

using youidraw

Then select both the rectangle and the oval and click the union icon to merge the two shapes.

youidraw tutorial

Now place an oval over the very bottom of the shape.  Try to line up the oval with the shape’s left and right edges perfectly.  Zoom in more if you need to.


7.  Next let’s work on the hand.  Place another smaller oval just under the last one you created.

tutorial for youidraw

Place a rectangle just over the smaller oval.  Again, line up the left and right edges.  I zoomed in quite a bit.

vector tutoiral

Select both the oval and the rectangle and click the Union icon just as you did above with the arm.  This is the result:

high school vector tutorial

Now draw a large circle overlapping the shape you just made.  Don’t forget to hold down the Shift key as you draw so that the tool will create a perfect circle, not an oval.

you idraw lesson

Again, select both shapes and use the Union icon to merge them.

youidraw lessons

Now hold down the shift key again and create another smaller circle inside of the larger one.

free vector tutorial

Next select the new circle and the bigger circle shape as well.  You may need to check the Layer Tree to make sure that you do, in fact, have both selected.  This time click the Subtract button at the top of the art board (not the Union button).  This will subtract the smaller circle out of the larger shape.  You should be able to see the grid inside of the smaller circle now.  Like this:


Place a rectangle like this over the circle shape.  Select both and click the Subtract icon at the top again.

lego arm


Draw an oval inside the “hand” like this.

youidraw simple shapes

Now draw another oval on top of that one.  Make sure the top, bigger oval is mostly inside the curve of the hand.  Make sure the ovals intersect to look something close to this example:

creating in youidraw

Select both of the new ovals and click the Divide icon at the top of the art board.  (Like in the graphic above).

youidraw tutorials

Those two ovals are now divided into three pieces.

divide tool in youidraw

You can move and delete the bottom two.  What you have left should look like this.  Change the fill color to be just slightly darker than white.  This will give the inner hand the look of a shadow.

arm 17

Now use the Backward button at the top of your screen to move this gray layer behind the rest of the hand.  Now it should look like this:

arm 18

Save your file from this YouiDraw tutorial!

Now select each piece separately (arm, bottom of arm oval, hand, and shadow shape) and change the stroke width to 3.

Select the hand and the shadow shape and click the group button at the top of the art board.  Then double click on that layer in the Layer Tree and name it “hand”.  Move this layer group into place on the arm.

arm 19

Select the hand group, the arm, and the bottom arm oval and click the group button.  Name that group arm. Save your file.

arm 21

8. Next we will arrange the arms with the body.  Use the Move Tool and move the arm over to the body.  Use the little blue adjustment circle to tilt the arm.

how do i use youidraw

Move the arm to the back using the “Backward” button.

backward button youidraw

The other arm is easy!  Just copy and paste the first arm.  Select the first arm with the Move Tool and two finger click on the arm for the menu and select copy. Then two finger click and select paste.


There is not a reflect option so you will need to manually flip it.  With the arm selected, grab the rectangle on the left middle of the arm and drag it to the other side.  A good way to see that you make it the right proportions is to make sure the the hand stays a perfect circle.  You will just have to eye ball it.

youidraw tutorial

now it looks like this:


Now move that arm to the other side of the body, tilt it and line it up, then use the backward button to move it behind the body.

Don’t forget to save!

how to create a vector lego character

9.  The legs are easy with this YouiDraw tutorial!  First, draw a rectangle just under the body.


Use the Line Tool to draw a line just below the body on the pants.  Hold down the shift key and then draw the line to make a perfectly straight line.

line tool in youidraw

Continue using the Line Tool (and the shift key) to draw two more lines that will be the leg joints.

leg joints

Add a rectangle for the left leg.  After your draw it you can use the Move Tool to make sure it is lined up with the top part of the pants.  Remember YouiDraw will show you the red align guides when you have it in the right place.

you i draw tutorial

Now just copy and paste the leg and move the new one to the other side using the red align guides.


You’re almost there! Hold down the shift key and add two lines near the bottom of the leg.  You can use the Move Tool to make these lines skinnier or wider if needed.  You can also copy and paste the first one to create the second one.


Congratulations!  You are done with the basic character.  Add more features to make up a new character or to mimic an actual Lego character.

YouiDraw Tutorial - Create a Lego character by adjusting simple shapes

Here are some ideas for the face.  Google image search for even more ideas.

vector Lego face ideas

Hope you enjoyed this free YouiDraw tutorial.

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